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Fruit Naturals

Fruit Naturals

What’s New at THE NUTHOUSE?

Outside of almost every MOTHER EARTH event that could affect the commodities we sell (Hurricanes, too much rain, too little rain, fires, floods, heat, cold – you name it), we have some new exciting products for you.

Also, since we ARE in the LA Wholesale Produce Market, we can get nuts over some of the fresh fruits and vegetables that come through on their way to the supermarkets. We’re trying to figure out how we can share some of these fruits and vegetables (especially since California “Stone Fruit” – Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Apricots, etc (A fruit with a small hard pit) are getting ready to start in late May, early June).

On the PEANUT side, we now have THE MOST INCREDIBLE PEANUTS you have ever tasted – SUPER CRUNCHY and gourmet to boot. They are BLISTERED GOURMET PEANUTS from the South (22 ounce can $7.50). These peanuts are soaked in an “Ice-Cold” brine prior to “Roasting” (in hot oil). This temperature difference makes the peanut extra crunchy, causes the kernel to actually split, and finally creates blisters on the outside of the peanut. You need to trust me the first time you buy, you will LOVE this peanut.

Another one of my newly found favorites is an ORGANIC & KOSHER raisin from one of the largest growers in California. We have them in BLACK SEEDLESS (my favorite), GREEN SEEDLESS, and RED SEEDLESS. Don’t let me sway you too much here – THEY’RE ALL GREAT! (15 oz can goes for $4.00). If you like raisins, you must try these.

Most of us in California take for granted the absolutely superb produce grown in California. We will try our best to share some of these special gems with you too.

Stay Tuned!!!!

Macadamias In-Shell

May 2005 – As everybody already knows, this is proving to be a hard year for Macs. Finding them is a true challenge. Hershey purchased Mauna Loa not too far back and they are using all they grow. We’re doing our best to bring in Macs In-Shell. Currently, we only have a couple of hundred pounds of macs in our cooler. We’re hoping to get enough soon to be able to supply many of you. We’ll post our progress here on the macs. $ 3.75 to $4.00 (we hope) mailto:macadamias@lanuthouse.com

Peanuts “In-Shell”
April 2005 – The peanuts are looking and tasting pretty good. We have BASEBALL peanuts (1.5 oz paper bag like the old days, 12 oz licensed MLB packs with TEAM COLORS (sorry, West Coast Teams Only right now) for all things great outdoors with family or friends. We will have ORGANIC IN-SHELL peanuts soon!!! Gotta call us at 888.454.6887 until we can get the web ordering figured out.

A new tab- “Nuthouse Links”

We have been hard at work collecting many fruit, vegetable, and nut web sites to share with you. Organizations you may never have thought about. You will find history information, nutritional information, health information, recipes, and more. We think you will enjoy these links. Let us know! Be sure to check out “Nuthouse Links”

Other Stuff

Flavored Pistachios (Garlic/Onion, Nacho, Jalapeno, Habanero, and yes we also have Natural Roasted & Salted too), Chili Limon (lemon) peanuts, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Mango Chili, and much more!! Right now our smallest box is 5 lbs, but keep the nuts cool and they’ll last. Better yet, share them with your friends and eat them all!!! We will be posting health related sites for you to learn what the Indians knew – nuts and seeds are good for your health.

Spanish Peanuts Raw – 5 lb
Walnuts halves & pieces – 5 lb
Peanuts shelled raw – 5 lb
and more……