We are always on the “Prowl” for new items. We carry such a diverse selection of nuts and dried fruits that listing all of our products and the different package sizes available is difficult. Therefore, we will try to provide you with a general outline of the major categories of commodites that we sell.

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Peanuts, Cashews, Pistachios, & More!

We distribute both Virginia and Valencia peanuts packaged a variety of ways from a Paper Bagged Baseball Peanut pack all the way to a 100 lb sack.

Our most popular consumer pack is our “White Box” which typically holds 5 pounds of nuts or dried fruits.

We also sell a variety of packaged items just like you see in your local grocery store. We will display them as soon as possible on the web.

For Cooking

We have raw Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, and more. Our products are available skin on or off, sliced, diced, ground into meal (in some cases), or roasted with no salt added. Any way you need them….we have them.

The most popular size for cooking is our “White Box” typically containing 5 pounds. As long as you keep your nuts for cooking in the fridge, they’ll last for quite some time.

For The Birds

We have only the highest quality In-Shell nuts, dried fruits, banana chips, trail mixes, and seeds for both you and your friend(s). We provide these same nuts & dried fruits to many independent grocery stores around Southern California. You can’t get any fresher nuts except picking them off the tree yourself!!

Some of our TOP SELLERS:

In-Shell Mixed Nuts – 50 lb $ We will post updated new crop
In-Shell Walnuts – 50 lb $ prices soon…..
In-Shell Hazelnuts – 50 lb $
In-Shell Brazils – 50 lb $
In-Shell Almonds – 50 lb $

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Roger Owens – THE Peanut Man

The Book is available now. Call us for the “Roger Owens Peanut Man Special” complete with All American Peanuts!

Roger Owens, The Peanut Man, has been throwing All-American peanuts in Dodger Stadium since the Dodgers first moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. Roger is both a friend of The Nuthouse and a customer. A book has been written about his fascinating life. We will be featuring a baseball package consisting of his book and the “Paper Bagged” All American Salted In-Shell peanuts that are his favorite for throwing. Give us a call!!